Turning Purple


Turning Purple!

"As an artist I'm used to mixing red with blue to make purple." iAndroid 1977 - There's truth to blending color in art as well as in politics. Many of us were born into one of two major parties. Our colors didn't come until many years later courtesy of political news reporting on network television. GOP and DNC didn't pick their animals either. That was also courtesy of the media. So why are we divided between red and blue? History. Are we stuck with this legacy?

"Purple People XIV" aka "Osiris, Queen B4 Dawn", is a tune I wrote with an apocalyptic theme about how after more than two centuries we the red and blue who used to be the blue and the gray still can't seem to get it right. Turning the best minds and hearts purple is logical. It's necessary for our survival.

Purple People, Inc. and our club of purple minds are giving everyone the opportunity to put Term Limits on the floor, along with 25 other issues. Our A-Z! Many discuss term limits, but never act upon it. Why? It costs money to promote an idea, good or bad. Many bad ideas came about because the endorsers were well endowed financially. The reverse of that statement is that many good ideas never come about for the same reason. A lack of funds to move the project forward. The Senate for example is a six year term. Why? The Presidents serves for four years, and so should the senators. The President is limited to two consecutive terms, and so should the senators be held to the same standard.

Career politics has divided our country into 'us and them'. Members complain about the Super PACS and PACs, yet they have no compunction taking their money. Industries should have the right to hire firms to do what they can not. That being meet with representatives to discuss their short and long term goals. Access is important but not as critical as the members' commitment to their constituents and the rest of America. An example of this could be the NRA's grip on representatives preventing adequate gun reform. No American need to own a 50 caliber riffle. It is a portable WMD. It has no business on the retail market for gun enthusiasts.



"Follow the yellow brick road..." Wizard Of Oz

Advice given to Dorethy was to start at the beginning and following the yellow brink road. Imagine a city where the streets are lined in gold. Gold bricks. Not literally, but a clear image of how D.C. politics works. Reference is made to the movie A Distinguished Gentleman starring Eddie Murphy where he exposes self serving incumbents on powerful committees. https://youtu.be/SfOSA34yjuI (trailer).

Our purple path is pretty much laid out for us beginning with the 116th, the youngest class of Freshman in the history of our nation. Diversity meets incumbency. It continues into the 117th where it is clear that a third party is needed to investigate the senior members. The overall goal is Term Limits, which has already been discussed as a cure for what ails our democracy. To that end, my goal is to raise $7 million dollars for our legal fund. Most of that projection will be used for forensic accounting of the senior members. The yellow bricks, golden parachutes, shell corporations, accumulated wealth, affiliation with private foundations, overseas donations, foreign investments and what ever our investigation can uncover will be used to bring suit to the fullest extent of the law where ever applicable.


Be a weapon of mass construction!

Within one hour two superpowers can bring nuclear winter to us all as per Nostradamus. One way to avoid this dark prediction is to melt down all of the world's weapons and use the steel to build houses. We're heading into a danger zone where politics is influenced by social media. Hypnosis, psychotic episodes, censorship on private platforms, to name a few. We all have witnessed the power of persuasion at it's worst when pervasive negativity is shared. Yes, our nation was built on 200 plus year old principles. No, not all of them are detrimental to our future as a democracy.

In order to better understand the difference between policy as it relates to legislative progress, we first have to know that our Constitution is already set up amend based on the needs of an ever growing and diverse population. Purple People has provided a link to better understand what it entails to amend. Click on image to link to Amendments.