Economy & Jobs


Economy & Jobs

The economy as well as jobs paint one picture, while the deficit paints on a completely different canvas.

Full employment is ideal and probably unachievable since it predicates anyone who is willing and able to work can find a job. The operatives being “willing” and “able” are more likely obstacles to an unemployment rate of zero.

There are 6 million unemployed American as of September 2021. If Congress is relying on infrastructure improvements alone to make a dent in that number, it is unlikely largely because of the prerequisite skills needed.

Eco 101 ties the economy to supply and demand for goods and services. Guess what? We have way too many already. Increasing goods and services only works with a local supply chain and is driven by the larger corporations who can invest in R&D and then killer advertising campaigns.

Wall Street versus Main Street is and always has been where capitalism fueled by the need to make ‘stockholders’ profits, corrupts our system absolutely. It’s infectious to both the red and the blue. The best of both parties have in the past and will again in the future fall prey to stockholders rather than constituents. It’s human nature and shouldn’t be argued. Just corrected. How? Term Limits.