Purple Opportunities


Purple Opportunities

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Purple Opportunity Theory

The theory of mixing the best of the red with the best of the blue is the basis for proving that not all Republicans and not all Democrats are worthless scum bags! After all would you consider your mother or father evil? Hell no! We Revered them!

Today our youth either fears their parents, hate   their parents, defy their parents, spies on their parents, rants and raves until they get what they want. Do you want that future for your children? We have to draw the line in the sand at some point the same way a New York City cop named Serpico did in 1972. Unfortunately it’s up to us the purple minds of higher intelligence to put our balls on the line and raise money to do what neither the  Democrat nor Republican ever plan to do. That being rat each other out creating a domino effect bringing down the House of cards. The deep state would never allow that to happen! It’s not a conspiracy theory it’s a theory and it is well thought out. Either we do it or we wait around for the knock on our door!